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Good Days Are Here!

8/10/16  9:15am

Since my trip in June we have been able to gather some new sponsors for several
kids in our org. 10 very lucky kids who got gifts and supplies for school and will be able to continue being educated.

A few babies will also be receiving food . We have more kids waiting for help.
We want to reach out to those in the most desperate circumstances. Invite friends. This is the BEST WAY that we encounter new people who wish to help the needy! Thanks to all who have shared our posts and invited others to join us. Their lives are turning around. When this family below moved further away they thought they'd never see any of us again and never get help again . But we have done our best to keep them in our org and have made monthly visits to see their progress. Being a single  with mom 8 kids  and no job can't be easy. They receive food, clothing and small loan help to survive the harsh life in Africa. Nothing is simple in Africa and we are striving to show these kids a world beyond their small villages .


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April 2, 2017 4:33 pm

We've had so many illness within our org recently.
Kids getting sick , parents being injured on motorbikes, many people getting malaria from the
rainy season. One child with HIV is very sick right now and needs to be hospitalized but
we've always tried to use $100 of a child's school fee for that certain student. Funds can't be prioritized for other more urgent things If a family loses a house (and typical rent for our families per month is $10-$50) and we could help them for a month or 2 to get settled. Some families have emergency food needs
So if anyone would like to donate to this fund this would be great. The needs are so vast and can't be covered through monthly sponsorship (which is tuition and meals only)

If someone doesn't want to help a child monthly why not give an occasional gift of $10 or $20
Typical hospital costs range from $20-$100 this is far from what a poor Ugandan family can afford. With our help this can save a life.


Very Needy Village help for $15 a month!

9:53 am This area is called Kiwolera

a small village in Kamuli , Uganda where we serve 6 or 7 families and nearly 30 kids live there.
Only about 5 have a sponsor at this time.
Most homes have a dirt floor and many kids were sleeping on straw mats or tiny pieces of old foam as you see below. That's their tiny bed. LETS GET A FEW MORE SPONSORED SINCE
School begins this week and there is a drought and high food prices. $15 a month helps 1 student stay in school. These families are all simple farmers raising greens or sweet potatoes.
The harvests are small because of the intense daily heat and nearly 6 weeks with no rain .

The kids Need Food. Help during drought!

4-23-17  8:08 pm  Drought killed most of the harvest all over Uganda during Dec, Jan
and rain has just begun. So this means food costs have sky rocketed and many  needy families are living on very little to survive.  Most are farmers with no options when their crops die.

We are asking for $600 to serve our most needy families with food
and other supplies. Thanks to anyone who can give to relieve the affects of drought and famine! Give on the link above!