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Suffering of Ugandan Child

Since visiting Uganda I've learned so much more about how the kids are treated there.
If you are a step child you'll never be treated well. Step kids have to work and do almost all the chores at home. They are sometimes denied education and even food. Some have to sleep on the group outside their home. Aunts and Uncle and even grandparents sometimes neglect and abuse the orphans they are caring for since no one wants to raise someone else's child. The poverty is so awful there. Not just a lack of money but a lack of love and care for children in general. Kids as young as 3 are free to roam their villages. Usually No one comes looking for them they just wander from house to house playing with other kids. Food prices soared to record highs in Uganda within the past year so its even harder for a family to feed their children.
Some kids live at school because their relatives have turned them away and said don't come back home.
They are whipped with sticks and even cut with…
Victor Idiinwya
June 6, 2012 9:50 am These kids in the photos below urgently need a sponsor! They will have to leave school this month if they don't get someone to help with their fees, their family can't pay for them to go to school. Most families make just $1 or $2 a day! You can make a donation with pay pal just click the Yellow Donate Button! If you have not signed up to sponsor a child yet, now is the time! Sponsorship is $15 a month to help 1 child and all donation are tax deductible!
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