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18 Kids and Counting, War Dance, Uganda fun

UPDATE!! Bunk beds are needed for the School Dorms. Two or three kids have to share 1 twin bed. About 10 triple bunk beds are needed. 2 have been provided so far.
Each triple bunk bed it $83! Some beds are broken so the kids really need more beds to sleep comfortably. Awhile ago they sleep on a wooden bed with no mattress at all!!

June 8 1:16pm

New Victory kids with gifts from their sponsors and pen pals!
Mosquito nets, toiletries etc!

To become a sponsor or pen pal to a child click here and look through the kids photos.

Many kids need a pen pal and many more need sponsors to pay their school fees, of $35 per term. ALL THE KIDS ARE VERY NEEDY! Their families can't pay for them to attend school, without a sponsor the kids may no longer be able to stay in school.
You can also buy the kids gifts such as clothes, shoes, blankets, school supplies etc.

Coin purses & key chains $5 each.
Long Necklaces $15 each! All prices include shipping. …