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Christmas Gifts for Orphans

Nov 4, 8:00pm We're raising funds to provide a lot of needy children at the New Victory school with Christmas gifts. Some kids at the school have sponsors who will buy them gifts but many are not sponsored. Each child deserves a gift.Some may just get a Christmas card this year but they we'd like to give them a small toy or school supplies also! We hope you will click on the Red Chipin box on the right side of this blog and donate to their Christmas gift fund. As always photos will be posted of all kids with their gifts. 100% of your donation goes to buy the gifts! Imagine not getting anything for Christmas. Most Ugandan families are unable to give any type of small gift to their children, even candy is too expansive. Hope make their holidays a lot better!!! Any amount helps $1, $5, $10 etc... Thanks! BELOW ARE PHOTOS OF THE KIDS EATING AND WAITING IN LINE FOR LUNCH, YOU CAN SEE THEY HAVE VERY LITTLE.