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Send 1 of these kids to school for $22

UPDATE AS OF JANUARY 2011 THE SCHOOL FEE FOR KIDS ARE NOW $34 PER TERM. $22 was the 2010 year fee, Thanks

May 17, 1:16pm
Sponsor one of these kids schooling for only $22 and you will also get their drawing mailed to you if you would like it. You can also write letters to your sponsored child!

Sharifa's drawing and Sharifa age 9


Paticia and her drawing

Chickens for

As of June 2010 the kids are no longer at the Orphanage,
they all attend a School called New Victory! The orphanage closed due to lack of food and funds!

Help the orphans get chickens!
Each chicken is only $3 and they will provide eggs and meat. The kids only get chicken during the Holidays but if they raise their own they will
have a lot more food! Right now the kids only eat beans and corn meal everyday if they can afford it. In the photo above the kids are holding the chickens they got for Christmas. That was the only time they had ever had chicken with their meal.
Will you donate just $3 or any amount to give these kids chickens? Thanks!