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Life in Uganda

Nov 11, 2012 7:23 am

During my trip to the school I saw many new things and many others that needed improving.
The most major problem at the school is food .. But also rats in the food storage area. They carry so many diseases and if they get into the food they will pass on things that are usually deadly. So someone needs to either get cats or find another way to get rid of the rats. Plus leaving the huge pile of maize out in the open on the floor of a classroom is real unsanitary and its so easy for all kinds of bugs, animals and parasites to get in the food and the kids step all over it. Flies even fall into their food since its served outside. So the kids were still semi living like animals with animals.
Rats run around in the dorms and can bite the kids and some wild animal (a leopard they think) came one night and killed/ate 6 goats.
So I told the kids don't ever go out after dark at school.

Esther with all her possessions

Hasifa with all that she owns.

We provided eggs one da…