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................Christmas Items!

Jan 14th 10:54 am
A box of clothes from a generous donor arrived at Home today.
The box contained 10 pairs of boys shorts, 4 girls shirts, and 2 packages of underwear & pencils. If you would like to mail a box of gifts to the kids post a comment here with your email address and we'll be sure to get back to you ASAP!
We're still waiting for a few other packages to arrive.
I'm sure the kids were happy and surprised to get their new items!!!
When they receive their camera they will post photos of the kids with the items!

UPDATE Jan 11, 12:03pm
As of today only 4 more kids need sponsors! Thanks to all who have given! Food is still a problem so any amount donated helps a lot! View the video of the kids at the very bottom of the Blog!

Update Jan 6, 12:53pm
The kids are currently in need of school fees. Their new school year starts 3 weeks from now. School fees are only $22 A YEAR! That $22 includes lunch everyday and tuition. Currently 6 more kids need their school fees to be paid…

Home is low on food

Nov 16, 2:43pm URGENT Update! 3 kids at the Home have malaria and they have no money for medicine. If you could donate it would be so appreciated. Malaria is a very horrible illness. Without medicine they will not recover. Donate by Chip In or click the Yellow "DONATE" button. Photos of the sick children with Malaria are at the bottom of the blog, their names are Oliver, Emmanuel, and Betty. Pray for them and consider helping them!

This photo is of the new beds for all the kids! Thanks to everyone who gave donations on this site! The kids got beds for Christmas!
November 13, 1:40pm
The Children are low on food now. Each month they usually run out of food. If you would like to like to make a donation for food for the kids click on the Chip IN button. Always beds were bought for all 19 children with some of the money we have raised from their Chip IN button and other donations.
The "Annamani Orphanage" and " Christmas" Fundraisers are still going on. Clic…