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More Kids Got Gifts from Sponsors

Mercy Achom ( girl age 7)
Tracy Nansuna (girl age 5)
Sonia Kirabo (girl age 9)
Brenda Nabaluke (girl age 9)
Ivan (boy age 13)
Umar (boy age 14)
George (boy age 12)
Ostin (boy age 5)
These kids in the photos above really need sponsors in order to stay in school! $35 pays for their school fees for one term. They also get a hot meal each day. Can't you spare a little to help these kids? Any amount is great! Click the yellow DONATE button to give with pay pal!!! You can write letters to your sponsored child and you will get new photos of them several times a year! Thanks

Choir kids with new Clothes! 5:11pm 9-22-2011


The school still needs food. Prices of food are high in Uganda right now.Here are some of the kids preparing greens.
Any amount you donate would really help them provide the kids with daily meals! Even $1 or $2 would provide a few kids with a meal! Thanks! Click the yellow Donate button to pay with pay pal! 100% of donations go to the kids!

Sept 5, 2011 5:36pm