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April 18, 11 12:46pm

April 6, 2:30pm April 5, 10:30 am Uganda is Amazing Place!!! It's so beautiful but the kids are by far the best part. They are so kind and helpful. While walking through the villages a child would want to carry your water bottle, bag, camera etc. The would all fight to be right next you or hold your hand. I've never met children that are so needy but so polite and kind. Most kids at the school had old torn clothes on and their sock had holes. Most kids really need new school socks and shoes. Socks are $3 if anyone wants to give through pay pal. Click the YEllOW Donate button at the top of the blog! Any amount helps the kids. When I left they had only bag or rice and 1 of Flour so their food will not last long. To feed 140 kids daily it takes a lot of funds. Some kids didn't even have a bowl and they had to share with others. Almost none had spoons so they all eat with their hands and spoons only costs 30 cents. The kids are very smart but they have So…

Uganda 2011

Uganda was Amazing!
The kids were the best part. The weather was great also.
We took the kids swimming and to the plaground!
They are all so needy but atleast they got 1 week of fun.

These kids still need many things they can't even afford simple low cost items like school socks, $3, spoons 13 cents each, School uniform $5.
Bowls 15 cents each. Donate here to help the kids!

Thanks Any amount helps!

5:50pm 4/2/11