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Oct Trip Update, Village Feeding , Sponsorship !

Oct 17th , 2013

 After our trip earlier this month to UG
we have registered some new kids as part of our program.
They are part of a very poor village and they have never had a chance to get a sponsor until now.
We need your support to ensure that every new child gets a sponsor to help cover their school fees
and supplies! Spread the word to friends!!!  Go to then click on BE A SPONSOR to see photos of all the kids!!!

We also went to around 30 homes and delivered some food such as maize, beans, sugar etc.

See photos of our activities below. We served porridge to all the kids for breakfast
and the line of kids was so long that we ran out of porridge .That was a stressful situation but we still bought
some extra cookies, popcorn & chapati bread to make sure each child had something to eat.

                            Above is the porridge and below is kids waiting in line to be served!

Later when went to a different village and hand out some food. A f…