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Africa! "Giving" What Really Helps!

Some of you may wonder if it really helps when you give to a charity. I've heard many things over the years, most just opinions of missionaries or those who do more "analyzing" than helping.
Some people say missionaries or aid workers shouldn't take clothing, shoes and other supplies to poor countries when instead you can buy them from a market in the country you visit. Now that's all fine and dandy in a perfect world but almost every country in Africa charges $10-$20 or more for a pair
of shoes that will fall apart quickly. The same with clothing made in Africa. Not all of it is great. The dyes run and the material is very thin and doesn't last long after washing it. The same with books and other school supplies.
Who wants to pay $7 or more for 1 chapter in africa when people can donate them for free.  So who wouldn't want to take donated clothes, books, toys, medical supplies and shoes to a country who's people are in need. Believe me, FREE will alw…