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More Kids Homes

Help some of these kids go to school for only $35!
The school fee pays for their daily lunch.
Any amount you donate will be great! Click on the yellow "DONATE" button to
give with pay pal! Thanks

Feel free to Post our blog link on your facebook, blog, etc.
Any Amount you give will help so much!!! Even $1 is 1 meal , $5 is 1 school uniform.
Dec 13, 2:30pm
Dennis's Home (The poorest family)

Emmanuel's Home and Family

Scovia's Home

6:01pm Dec 1,
Even $1, $5 etc makes a huge difference to these kids who have nothing!
100% of any donation goes to the kids at New Victory School in Uganda.
New Victory is a registered 501c3 in Uganda. See videos of the kids inside their homes below. Most sleep on the floor on a straw mat. A mattress there costs $35 which is way beyond what most families can afford. You can also look at older blog posts for more photos and videos of the kids! Won't you make their h…

List of Needed Items!

This is where they come from. Visits to some of the kids homes! Nov, 16 5:24pm These are some things the Ugandan kids at New Victory School Need. To buy 1 or more items for the kids CLICK THE YELLOW "DONATE" BUTTON! THANKS! THEY WILL BE VERY HAPPY! Cup 50 cents each plate 50 cents toothpaste $1 Towel $2 Dress $5 Uniform $5 Shorts $3 Soap $2 Bed sheets $7 Pants $2 Shirt $6 Sweater $7 Bucket $2

Help These Kids!

This is the kids in the New Victory School in Uganda playing.
You can see the school in the background it's made from metal sheets and wood.(Not very sturdy)
They don't own toys of their own and They share whatever they have.
They all need school uniforms, shoes, blankets, mattresses and more food.
The currently eat only cornmeal for every meal. They also have to walk a long way to get water. The water is not clean or safe to drink. Won't you donate to help them? Click the yellow donate button to pay through paypal. Any Amount $1, $5, $10 will greatly help them! 100% of any donaton goes to the kids! Thanks!
They also love getting mail so if you want to send them stickers, candy, toys or anything they can all share just leave a comment and I'll get back with you on how to do that!
NOV 1, 7:06 PM