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Help the kids for free!!!

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June 12 2015.

How Our Families Live

June 2, 12:30

Another wonderful is complete but I want to share with you all about
what we see when we visit all our families. Photos below show the level of poverty
and desperation
our kids live in daily.

The poverty in Uganda never gets any better.
We have one family who has no outdoor toilet at all.
It was a simple outhouse with a hole in the ground but then someone with money came in and bought their land
leaving them with no options. Now their only bathroom will be the bushes around the home.
Their only income comes from a small garden of corn which is what they eat daily along with a
few mangoes from their tree when their in season.

This is the very poorest family serve. A family who can''t provide any school supplies for their kids
so everything comes from sponsors.

At our low rate of $15 a month this covers tuition and a meal or 2 at school depending on a
childs age. Young kids below grade 1 typically leave school before lunch is
served. They attend only half day presc…