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How Children are Chosen

5:06pm  7/10/16

Some of you might wonder how our program works and how kids are chosen to
be part of a sponsorship program. Typically every child
will have a home visit and we meet and ask their guardian , (a mom, grandma or aunt )
what work do they do to provide for their kids. Then they show us a report card.

We don't have a lot of requirements for a child to join.
We expect them to follow rules and go to class daily.
We take any needy child regardless or race or religious background. We have Christian and Muslim students studying together in harmony with no issues. Some kids are Africa with Indian descent
as is common in Uganda and many East African Countries. There is also no issue in the classroom
between students.
 We also make sure based on their home life if they truly qualify to join.
If a parent tells us their child has been going to costly school and that the parent has paid the high fee
then this will be a red flag since if a parent can afford this fee why are they now…

Imagine their Lives

7/3/16 11:53 am

Imagine what its like to be a 12 year old boy living with HIV.
Having your mom take your father to the police and demand that
the dad helps with school fees. Luckily in grade 3 you had a friend of your mom who
paid your fees but now the child of this friend got cancer so they can't afford
to help you any longer. Your mom got tired of raising you and your 14 year old brother
and she dumped you at your dads house where many distant relatives live .
 Up to 25 people in just a few rooms. You own just 3 pants and 2 shirts and
your older bro also shares clothing with you and with several other cousins.
If kids are lucky they get 1 new outfit per year . You wore the same uniform
or 3 years in a row though the uniform was from a former school so you don't
match the other kids. You eat beans and cornmeal at school daily. Rice is served once a day
for supper at night.  You family has so many people that
most of you kids eat from large plate with your hands. Not enough pl…