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Holiday Fundraiser!

10:43am                10/18/16
We are raising funds to deliver food to some of our most needy villages
in Kakira, Kamuli, Mbiko for the holiday season...

Near Christmas or New Years we want these families to have enough food.
The needs of 1 family in Kakira are always ongoing . The mom works hard to sell charcoal but was left this year all alone with 8 kids when her husband ran off.
Then we have many more families in need in poor rural Kamuli where help is slow to reach.
In addition we have pin pointed the most needy families also in Mbiko where
one mom had a stroke and can't do any type of work since her arm and leg became paralyzed.
Along with a few others in need .
We are hoping to get
$670 to provide food and some clothing to these families of whom we are sure will do without
if not for your help. This will also cover some fun events for all villages we serve where kids get together
for the new year and play games and eat snacks.

Thanks in Advance,