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New Photos 2010

The kids cleaning the chicken
The Donated food
All the kids with the food
The kids eating
Jan 21, 1033am
These photos were all taken yesterday.
The kids were happy to get Rice, and Chicken, something they can only have a few times a year.
Meat is very costly and they usually just have porridge or beans.
Thanks to those who donated for the food! This is what your money provided!
They have to cook outside and when it rains the can't eat until it stops raining.
So they need $150 to build a kitchen. Donate if you! They really need your Help!
Some of the kids have had malaria, chicken pox an measles recently so they are Desperately in Need of people to donate! They have only a soccer ball to play with
and some kids need shoes for school. They cost $15 a pair for good dress shoes.
Any Amount Helps and 100% of your money goes to the kids to buy what they need!