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Uganda a very hurting land

1:08 pm June 9, 2013
One thing I've realized is there's no "comfort" in Uganda. The beds are lumpy, the pillows and sofa's are hard. The chairs aren't comfy and are few and far between. Most restaurants have only plastic lawn chairs for diners to sit in. There's dark orange dirt everywhere, your clothing gets covered in all that dust and its hard to wash off. Kids have to scrub clothes by hand and that's why their clothes are ruined and have big holes since they have to rub them so hard to get out stains. Most people don't "comfort" their crying children either. The parents or guardians of kids have a "they'll get over it" attitude and tend to ignore kids most of the time. Many parents don't ever hug their child.

  People there walk 1-2 miles to get water from a well and also to get to school, the market, church, clinics etc. Most families can't even afford to ride in a taxi van or on the back of motor bikes that ta…

Help a child attend school in Uganda!

June 5, 8:20pm
So many kids need help to attend Secondary School in Uganda. Fees vary from $100-$180 per term
there to get a high school education. Will you consider helping a child further their education so they don't drop out when primary school ends.

Send us an email at or comment below if you'd like to find out more about how to help a teenage child.

Here's a photo of some of our current Secondary Students.