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Uganda Choir CD Release!!!

1:41pm 1-31-2012
Don't forget to order the Angels of Africa Choir CD. We hope everyone will consider buying one to support the choir who has worked so hard over the past year to perfect the songs. It's only $12 and that includes shipping within the USA. It makes a great gift. "The Angels of Africa Choir" is made up of students from the school in Uganda!   See their photos below !  Click on our yellow Donate Buttons to buy a cd with paypal! Share this blog with friends.

Sponsor a Very Needy Child!!!

Jan 18, 2013 5:33pm Below are kids who urgently need a sponsor.
 Share this page with friends if you think they can help a child!
To help one of them Donate here.
For $15 a month you can sponsor a child in need.
This will provide them with school fees,  and a monthly gift like school supplies ie. notebooks, pencils, math sets, school socks and a uniform. 

Bridget Nakayima grade 3 Najjati Tibelowoza grade 3
Edreesa Njaka grade 3 
Noarina namusobya grade 5 
Halimah naigo  grade 3                                     Emmanuel Idyobe grade 3

Kids talking to sponsors

Jan 12,2013  8:22pm
Hear kids talk to their sponsor