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Video of the kids singing


March 17,2010 2:13pm
Here's the kids with their new school shoes! Thanks to all who gave so the kids
could have shoes! They still need help paying their rent and to buy chickens to raise. So if you can donate again it would be wonderful!!! You can see in the photos
that your money is ALWAYS used exactly as specified!!!

URGENT UPDATE 3-13-10 9:50 am
The Orphanage is needing help paying their rent.
They have to move to a new house since the one they are in now has been bought by
somone and they are being forced to move within a week.
All the kids are crying and worrying about where they will go since they don't have
$100 (monthly) to rent a new house. Some of the kids wouldn't eat because they
were too sad yesterday. Won't you donate and help the kids move to their new house?
If they don't have the money by next week they will just be on the street with no place to go. They Need Your Help Now More than EVER! They are praying for somone to Help! Donate by paypal!…

The gifts arrived!

$225 is still needed for 15 pairs of shoes. Shoes are $15 each!
We don't want any child to be left out and not have shoes for school.
Feb 18, 12:36pm

Several of the kids still need a sponsor to be their friend and paypal.
In order to be a sponsor you pay $22 to help pay for the child's school lunch
and you can choose to provide the child with other needed items also! Go here to learn more about sponsorship! Thanks

As you can see in the photo below a few of the kids are wearing their new shoes
(the little girl in the front row 2nd from the right is Oliver) and she got shoes and also 2 girls in the 2nd row got some also!
The other kids are wearing either old worn shoes or sandals.
All the kids are wearing new uniforms that we raised money for a litte while ago also! Without Everyone's help they would not have nice things like that.
Every amount Helps no matter how small!

Feb 17 9:43pm
FEB 16, 2010 5:22pm
These are the kids bedrooms!
As you can see they are in …