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A Sick Baby!

March 27,2012 1:40pm UPDATE! Baby Deborah will need Surgery soon and they still need about $600 for the surgery and care she will receive in ICU. She has Aortic Aneurysm's and will only get worse if she does not have surgery. She needs the surgery within a week or she may continue to get worse and it will be harder to treat her condition then. Thanks. Donate if you can!

An Update on Deborah. She was taken to Mulago hospital in Kampala today to see the cardiologist. I'll update more about her progress soon.
11:10 am March 23.

This is baby Deborah. She was unwanted by her family and not fed often. Her twin sister died from starvation. Little Deborah was rescued by an orphanage and she has a heart condition and really needs to see a cardiologist in Kampala. The capital city of Uganda. There is only 1 cardiologist in Uganda. She will not live much longer without getting her heart checked out and getting treatment. The cost of all this $200. Her Condition gets worse …

Sponsor a Child $15 a month

March 5,2012 7:40pm

So MANY KIDS Still need a sponsor.
About 50 new kids joined New Victory School in January so they along with about
100 others need a sponsor so they can get an education and 2 meals a day.
The cost is only $15 a month. Click on our Yellow DONATE button which takes you to pay pal.
These kids are so needy. Most of them have only 1 parent and a lot live with Aunt's Uncles, or grandparents. Those who live with relatives typically aren't treated very well. They are denied education and even food, clothes etc. Most relatives don't want to raise an orphan that's not their own. Some of the kids live in small mud huts and a typical house has only 1 or 2 rooms shared by the whole family. If they have beds 2 or 3 kids share or they sleep on the floor on a straw mat. The kids eat only cornmeal and beans most days. They need more protein and iron in their diet. Some families can't afford much food.
See photos of some of the kids who need a sponsor below.