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A look into their daily lives! Children in Uganda

May 13, 2013 7:53pm
Below are true stories of some of the kids who attend school in Jinja and they have found sponsors in
our charity.
One child was sent to live at school and her little brother was sent to live with a neighbor since their mom can't afford to pay rent. The mom used to come and dig in the school garden to make some money and she would even eat at school since she couldn't afford food either. 

Two kids had a fire at their home last week . They have said there was some damage to the home and it will need to be repaired but no one was hurt, They did lose almost all of their possessions in the fire which wasn't much to begin with.
Many of these families barely have anything.

One boy was abused by his uncle and made to work everyday and missed a lot of school.
 He had no parents to care for him. 
One girl was given away by her father who got tired of raising her and was then abused by her aunt who cut her arm. 
Several have been told to leave their homes because their r…