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Help Feed the Kids

SOLD!Doll $10 includes shipping!

3 smaller necklaces $8 each, bracelets $5 each includes shipping within the USA

Click the Yellow Donate button to buy jewelry or to donate to help the kids get food!
Pink necklace Sold!!!$10 (Blue Necklace Sold) others $8 each
Money holders $5 each
Necklaces Small $8 Medium $10 LARGE $12 White necklace (SOLD)!! includes shipping with the Usa

Key chains $5 each Inclues shipping with the USA. "GIRAFFE EYCHAIN SOLD!"

The kids at New Victory are in need of more food. Food prices in Uganda have increased a lot over the past few months! $1.50 a week will feed 1 child.
There's over 150 kids at New Victory! 100% of all donations go to the kids!
Donate here to help them get the food they need!
Photos will be posted of them when they get the food!
Feel free to post a link of our blog on you facebook, twitter, blog etc! Help us Spread the Word!!!

Weekly cost of Maize for the school is $100
Weekly cost of beans $82
Cooking oil is $35

Any Amount is…