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We're on Facebook!!! Invite friends to help orphans in Uganda!

Feb 21,2013  Join our FB group and share it with friends so we can help more kids.
More than 50 still need a sponsor! Here's are some kids who got mail/gifts from sponsors and pen pals!


Feb 18, 11:23 am

I remember the little girl at school who hung her head when I said where is your bed.
Another child said "She doesn't have one". She showed me her mattress that she puts on the dorm
floor each night just like several of the other girls. They sleep 2  people to each twin size mattress.
Sometimes more. She has no home and no family that wanted her. They were tired of her
so she lives permanently at school until finishing grade 7 when she can move on to high school.
There are so many kids like her. One's who need attention no matter their age.
Even the teenage boys at the school liked playing with hot wheels cars and they always asked
a lot of questions about their sponsors. It's hard to be a kid when there are no adults who can
give advice and encouragement to them daily. It's a hard culture to live in also when kids aren't
treated as the important people they are. So many kids are abused by relatives who don't want them.
No one wants t…