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POVERTY IN AFRICA! Good vs Bad Aid...

July 3, 2013   6:40 pm

 A lot of people have many different views on how to help Africa.
I agree that its very bad to give money to anyone you see on the street.
Most of the time if money is given to begging children it will immediately be taken by their guardian/older sibling or other relative. It won't help the child.
So in our sponsorship program we've always tried to focus on education for the children and not
giving handouts to the parents. They should try their best to find whatever work is available.
Most times parents especially the men of the house will spend their money on themselves and not
give a second thought to their kids. This is why we want the children to have the chance
to get an education even if their own family doesn't /can't provide for them.

I know many people go on missions trip and walk through villages handing out candy or other
small  things. Some even hand out bags of food. If done in a controlled way by going home to home
and visiting thos…