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..........Still 10 kids who need sponsorship of $15 a year!

Still needing sponsorship for 10 kids.
It's only $15 a year to sponsor their education.
When you make a donation I'll email you the photo of 1 of the kids who still needs
a sponsor and you can pray for that child.

................. 3 more kids who need school fees!

Abu, Betty and Daniel are 3 more kids out of the 14 who
need fees of $15 a year to attend School. Won't you consider helping one of them?
Click on the Donate button! Thanks to all who have made donations so far!!!

Update 5-5-09

Still needing $5 per child for school

We are still collecting money for the children
They need $5 to attend school this semester and they can't afford to send all 14 kids
to school because of the fees.
even if you could only donate $1 it would be greatly appreciatd.
Skip a cup of coffee or pop for a day and donate the $1 to help a needy child go to school!!! Click on the Donate button below the photo!

... Click here to Donate

Some of the Orphans and their friends.

Help one of the kids attend School!!!

The kids need to go to school.
They hope to join the Christian Upliftment School in Kamapala, Uganda
but in order to do that they need people to sponsor them for only
$30 a year! If they cannot find a sponsor then they would have to attend a government school for $15 a year. Won't you consider donating at least $1 or $5
to these kids. Some of kids are pictured below.
Their names are Ronald, Vivian, Maria & Julianna all age 12.
to find out more. Post a Comment if you have any questions!

UPDATE!!! 4/20/09 4:44pm

Thanks to a donor in Texas these 4 kids, Ronald, Maria, Vivian and Juliana
will be able to attend school! I will be adding photo of the other 10 kids who
still need school fees soon! Thanks to those who have donated so far!!!