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Why Kids Need Sponsors

10:31 am   Dec 19, 2012

Kids who have sponsors have more confidence. You may be the only person who encourages them.
They know if they have a sponsor they can't be sent away from school because no one
pays their fees, so they worry less. They also meals at schools so they have to go hungry like some
do at home. They are so happy to have a sponsor and they remember their sponsor by name and pray for them daily.

Below are stories about a few of the kids in our sponsorship program. You can see they all
are like most kids their age but they really enjoy school and the work hard at everything they do.
Sponsor a child today by clicking on our Donate button to give with pay pal.

Joan N.

What an amazing and highly entertaining, kind and fun young girl she is. She is one of the most talkative, chipper little people ever. She's a typical 12 year old who loves Justin Bieber,  Nicki Minaj & Harry Potter. One thing that is different about her is that she lives in a modest home in a slum…

See How Sponsorship Works

See how sponsorship works and then
Sponsor a child for only $15 a month. Your sponsorship provides a child with an education, 2 meals a day at school and a monthly gift such as school supplies.
Providing Uganda's most needy and vulnerable children with education, food and other basic needs. We give them the hope and care they need for a better life. 1 like, 0 dislikes

Christmas gifts that help kids in Africa!!!

Dec 4, 2012  12:56 pm 

Below are lovely gifts anyone in your family would enjoy for Christmas!!! 
All proceeds benefit the kids in our charity! 

Now is the perfect time to support the choir and school by buying some of these handmade necklaces! They make great Christmas gifts, some were handmade by parents of students! They are $12 each and include shipping within the USA!!!  IF YOU ORDER A MULTI-COLOR NECKLACE WE WILL SEND YOU ONE THAT WE STILL HAVE IN STOCK THEY ARE ALL VERY SIMILAR IN COLOR AND LENGTH, WE CAN'T GUARANTEE THAT THEY WILL BE THE EXACT ONE PICTURED SINCE WE HAVE SO MANY! 

Contact us for shipping costs outside the USA!!! 

Baskets handmade in Uganda are $25 each and include shipping within the USA!!! 

Don't forget to order the Angels of Africa Choir CD. 

We hope every pen pal, sponsor and donor will consider buying one to support the choir who has worked so hard over the past year to perfect the songs.
It's only $12 and that includes shipping within the USA. It makes…

Kids are worth it

Dec 3, 10:13am While my work as a non profit founder is unbelievably stressful at times I have to remind myself that my kids are STILL worth it.The one's who tell me over the phone "I'm not fine because I'm missing your hugs.The ones I would find every morning and night at the school making sure they got their hug. The ones who clung to me every night I almost had to pry myself away from them because they knew when I left no one else will make sure they get food that day.The little one who would look for me every night after school ended to tell me he was going home (he wanted his goodnight hug) The ones who have shown me that you can happy even if you have no family and few possessions. They rejoice after playing games like they won the lottery. They could not have possibly been happier if they had been told they'd won a million dollars or were going to "Disney World, not that they know what that is. The ones who can use a camera or cellphone within  mins of…