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What WE Will and Won't do for the Families

7/23/15      2:23 pm

Mbiko is a very frustrating Village to work in due to the mentality
of parents there. Also many teens are now showing low interest in studying.
I'm not sure what the future holds for such an area where handouts are expected but
adults want to do so little to receive the help.

Like parents who ask for a small business loan and end up wasting the money
just to pay rent or do whatever they want. Or they get an animal to raise and
it ends up dying due to lack of proper care. A few families successfully raise
livestock but its a 50/50 type thing. It either may or may not work. Such as sad
way of life to be dependant on others and we don't want to continue to create such dependancy..
A hand up is better than a handout. If livestock is working for 1 family we'll keep that

This is whyWe Willcontinue only to give and education and food to our
kids in our program.  We Won'ttry Small busniess loans or other forms of help.
A lot don't work as we ha…