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Busy Busy Times

6:27 pm 3/3/16
Another year has brought us several changes.
We have now 2 staff members helping us out. One returned for his 1 1/2 year stay in Canada
and now Kamuli and Mbiko are well looked after. BUT we still have no staff member who lives
full time in the slum of Mbiko. So there will still be issues and situations beyond our control.
I also know that I hear a few rumors from teens there and many aren't so credible so until I verify
the info in GREAT DEPTH with a staff member I WON'T be passing the info to the child's sponsor.
We've seen several times where conflicting stories lead sponsors to go beyond their means to help a child and then have to drop the child if the burden becomes too big to handle.

Also as our kids get older we know now that its MANDATORY that They Must board in grades 7
and then Senior 4 (in High School) yes in Uganda there are 6 years of highschool not 4 like our
own countries.

Boarding fees of Senior students is typically $150-$200 + every te…