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Hard life for Ugandan Children

April 25,2013    9:48 am
Many Families in Uganda find it hard to provide for their children.
A typical family will earn $1-$2 a day. Food for 1 meal such as a bag of cornmeal
or beans costs about 80 cents to $1 so families spend the majority of their income on food.
So they will sometime's send their children to an orphanage or school to live if they can't afford to
feed them at home. Children aren't often valued there and many end up on the streets either
because they run away from abusive homes or because their relatives throw them out
if no one cares about them. Imagine if you had to give away your child because you couldn't feed them.
Consider donating today so a child can stay at home and not have to be sent away because they
can't be fed and have their basic needs taken care of. Many kids eat breakfast or lunch at their schools
and that might be their only meal each day.

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