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CHARITY WORK. It's not all glamorous.

The Betrayal of those who claim to "HELP" children.

10:43am     8-31-14

It all began in 2008 with 20 kids
in a home who needed school fees.
After 1 year of getting photos and even letters
from them we found out the orphanage owner wasn't feeding them
much except meal of "maize" a day and they were
not attending a school regularly.
The kids suffered so much and quickly moved on to live back at home
with their families. The orphanage staff had only "recruited" these kids and while
they were needy, most  were not orphans. Some had moms back at home who were just too
poor to raise them. When they were promised a better life for the kids they

let them go so they could have an education and meals etc which isn't what they got.
Even when we mailed them clothes, shoes, toys most were taken and sold
by the orphanage owner to make money for himself when he left the kids
and just abandoned them all at home.

After they went back to their own families they fou…

Step into the life of a child

I want you to take a few minutes to think about what its like to
live in deep poverty & step into the lives of the kids we help.
If you've yet to help one now is the time. $15 a month is not much to change a life.

When you do they look like this & they come from your sponsor.

and YOUR very happy to receive them 
YOUR TYPICAL MEAL LOOKS LIKE THIS Rice, maize , beans or boiled bananas 
When you do they come from your sponsor or
other visitors from charities like ours.

                                                  YOUR HOME LOOKS LIKE THIS 

                                                                          OR THIS


When you go to a hospitalYOU MUST
bring all your own bedding , food, and supplies.

Nothing is provided except for medicine.
If you can't afford you just lay in the bed all day with no care 

If you family can't bring food to you then you remain  hungry unless kind visitors drop by…