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In need of food. Help the hungry today !!!

Jan 28,14 9:30 pm

Probably the biggest problem the kids in Uganda face each day is hunger.
Some kids get only 1 meal a day and usually that meal is the school lunch they're served.
 Kids have told me before that there was nothing at home to eat.
Sometimes they would only drink tea. Imagine what it would be like as a young child
to wait many hours during the day to get 1 simple meal of beans or cornmeal. This is why
Ugandan children are often underweight and have stunted growth due to their poor diet.

 That's why we're planning to do more food related projects .
We plan to also take more food and deliver in some of the poorest villages in the Jinja area.

Will you help us? Below are photos of when we distributed rice, beans, sugar, potatoes and soap back in Oct. Make a donation on our blog with pay pal! Click the yellow DONATE BUTTON at the
top of the blog!