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.................Orphanage almost out of FOOD!!!!!!

I heard today and they are almost out of food.
They need donations in order to have food within the next few days!
In Uganda corn meal costs about .55 for 2 pounds and beans are about 60 cents for
2 LBS. Will you consider donating a few dollars so the kids won't go hungry?
Thanks, and feel free to post about this on your blogs or facebooks.
The kids need all the help they can get. Look at their faces.
Do you want them to go HUNGRY?
Here is their website if you want to learn more about these kids and their charity!

Uganda Paper bead necklaces, crafts, War Dance Movie

After watching this movie I hope you will be willing to help the needy in Uganda. I still have 2 Ugandan to be sold. $8 each shipping included!
I also still have the statue, giraffe painting and 1 tanzanian basket for sale.
The basket is $10. The shipping is $5. Scroll down for photos of the
basket and necklaces!

June 15th 12:40pm

......................One child needs help!

This is John.
He arrived at the Children's Home a few days ago.
His grandmother brought him to the orphanage and begged for help,
but there are already 16 kids and more kids really add to the expenses of the orphanage.
All the kids need mosquito nets and they don't have beds so they would each like
a mattress that costs $10. The mosquito nets are $3.
If anyone feels called to help the children would be so happy!

ITS MAIL DAY!!! The photo below is the children receiving
the letters sent by their pen pals and friends from America!

......................Feed the needy for 14 cents!

Feed a needy child for only 14 cents!!! Click here!

Last 2 necklaces left! $6 each plus shipping

I found out a few days ago that 2 children at the Home have malaria
so I'm raising funds to get Mosquito nets for them.
Below is a photo of the last 2 necklaces and there's a photo of the kids also! They made the necklaces. The necklaces are $6 plus $2 shipping!
Mosquito nets are $3 if you like to make a donation for 1.