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Imagine their Lives

7/3/16 11:53 am

Imagine what its like to be a 12 year old boy living with HIV.
Having your mom take your father to the police and demand that
the dad helps with school fees. Luckily in grade 3 you had a friend of your mom who
paid your fees but now the child of this friend got cancer so they can't afford
to help you any longer. Your mom got tired of raising you and your 14 year old brother
and she dumped you at your dads house where many distant relatives live .
 Up to 25 people in just a few rooms. You own just 3 pants and 2 shirts and
your older bro also shares clothing with you and with several other cousins.
If kids are lucky they get 1 new outfit per year . You wore the same uniform
or 3 years in a row though the uniform was from a former school so you don't
match the other kids. You eat beans and cornmeal at school daily. Rice is served once a day
for supper at night.  You family has so many people that
most of you kids eat from large plate with your hands. Not enough plates, cups or spoons to go around. Some eat first and the rest wait until plates can be washed so they can also be served.
This is the life many kids are living. So many can't afford the $10 for a uniform so they wear the same uniform several years in a row and wash it nightly .
If you happen to get sick your family also can't afford to take you to a hospital.
You just suffer at home.
But luckily you found a sponsor who will make your life brighter and you have your
new uniform to wear now.

Imagine being a boy age 14 living with a single mom. The 3 fathers of her 4 sons
never stayed around and she remains all alone making envelopes to sell for less than a $1 a day.
Rent in this are might be $10-$15 a month but there is no power at home and you
eat supper at 7 and the leftovers will be served at breakfast. You mom can only afford to cook one meal a day . Your meals are usually beans,
dried sardines, mashed plantains or maize. You also only have a 3-4 pairs of pants or shorts
and a few shirts.  Your mom has struggled all these years but can't give any of her kids a better life.
Thankfully you have a sponsor and you can go to school and eat meals there daily.
You can speak a decent amount of English so there is hope,

Imagine being a young girl age 8 having no mattress to sleep on except old foam that looks like this.
 You share this "bed" with your older sis . Neither of you have a found a sponsor and you mom spent all her earning on your school fees so the land lord evicted her from her home since
she only cooks porridge at a school to earn a living and can't pay rent. After 6 months of paying nothing for rent you are all forced to find shelter at the home of a friend. These 2 girls really need your help. They have so little and the mom is really having a hard time keeping them all
alive. If anyone can offer help or to  sponsor one of these sweet girls in grades 2 and 5 that
will be wonderful. They have 1 mattress and notebooks bought or the youngest girl. The oldest girl
is still in  need .

Lastly imagine living alone with your older sis age 14 and bro 13.. 
You 11 and your parents have moved away to ind work in another area 3 hrs from your home.
You and your siblings live on $3-$5 a week for food and 
your 2 older siblings don't have any sponsor.
Its a very tough life with dangers being all around and adults who might be drunk and want to prey
on kids who are all alone at night. A scary hard life but its how it is. You have a sponsor and go to school daily and though you are living alone you 3 are still some of the best scoring students in the whole school. This is something to be proud of. If anyone can assist one of the teen siblings it'd be very appreciated,


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Help a precious starving baby boy.

Aug 8, 17   6:48pm
Baby Abu is the 2nd child we've found in such bad condition. The only other starving child we found was baby Fatuma and she couldn't swallow well due to CP. Abu can walk but is weak and sucks his thumb constantly it see ms. He's lucky to be sponsored but his family situation goes beyond normal monthly sponsorship (mom is alone selling only sugar cane) and there is a sister who seems to be about 3.  Abu around 18 months to 2. They are lucky they had a mattress and net at home to share . The area of kamuli where they stay is Buwenge Mpia (the ghetto ) of kamuli. Where a few of our kids stay since rent is cheaper than in the town. its 10 mins or so walk from the tiny downtown. So we are wondering if any members would want to make a donation of any size to help with food, clothing or soap/ hygiene items and meds if needed. This will keep the family afloat for awhile until the mom can settle and figure out what else to do to earn a living. They only moved to t…


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We've had so many illness within our org recently.
Kids getting sick , parents being injured on motorbikes, many people getting malaria from the
rainy season. One child with HIV is very sick right now and needs to be hospitalized but
we've always tried to use $100 of a child's school fee for that certain student. Funds can't be prioritized for other more urgent things If a family loses a house (and typical rent for our families per month is $10-$50) and we could help them for a month or 2 to get settled. Some families have emergency food needs
So if anyone would like to donate to this fund this would be great. The needs are so vast and can't be covered through monthly sponsorship (which is tuition and meals only)

If someone doesn't want to help a child monthly why not give an occasional gift of $10 or $20
Typical hospital costs range from $20-$100 this is far from what a poor Ugandan family can afford. With our help this can save a life.


Challenges our kids face


Our kids are doing ok in school but in everyday life they face so many obstacles.
Especially when kids are sick or have an injury . We have raised funds for a teen to get much needed surgery. So she can be able to walk without too much pain or issues with balance.

We have another child with CP who is doing well with leg braces, a wheelchair and therapy treatments. 

We have several kids with seizure disorders who are on meds and do pretty well
but have issues off and on.

Then our kids who have HIV, they try hard in school but some are sent home often when they feel really weak. Poor diet will always be an issue there. One sweet boy was turned away from his in-laws home and refused food there also. They told him "Go away" you have diseases, and there is no food for you we didn't budget for it.  This is all very common. Extended family , in-laws and especially step mothers tend to be very brutal towards kids who are not their own.
They have trouble providing for th…