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How Our Families Live

June 2, 12:30

Another wonderful is complete but I want to share with you all about
what we see when we visit all our families. Photos below show the level of poverty
and desperation
our kids live in daily.

The poverty in Uganda never gets any better.
We have one family who has no outdoor toilet at all.
It was a simple outhouse with a hole in the ground but then someone with money came in and bought their land
leaving them with no options. Now their only bathroom will be the bushes around the home.
Their only income comes from a small garden of corn which is what they eat daily along with a
few mangoes from their tree when their in season.

This is the very poorest family serve. A family who can''t provide any school supplies for their kids
so everything comes from sponsors.

At our low rate of $15 a month this covers tuition and a meal or 2 at school depending on a
childs age. Young kids below grade 1 typically leave school before lunch is
served. They attend only half day preschool. Highschoolers typically get lunch but not
much breakfast unless they live in the dorms then 3 meals daily are offered.

Another family consists of an uncle raising his kids and nieces with no
job other than doing a few neighbors when they need help.

Then we have many single moms who dig in someone's garden or washes other people clothes to earn $1 a day.
The kids wear filthy rags with many holes and they can't always afford soap to bathe
or keep their clothes clean. They sleep on dirt floors also and dust is everywhere.

Here's how we can do more to help the families in our program

1. A few women can make crafts but we have no market for them at this time in our area, if anyone
wishes to sell crafts we'd be grateful for the help. Selling extra things is one of the only ways we
have to assist the families with extra items not covered by sponsorship. Job creation is so important
to empower the parents to help themselves rather than to just sit and wait for handouts.

Especially on social media. Without it we wouldn't exist as an org.
Our sponsors are from contries and continents all across the world.
The WEB is our only outlet to finding donors.

3. Skip a meal, sporting event or movie and donate that $ to help these families to
simply survive.

Thanks for taking time to care about the needy in Africa!


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April 2, 2017 4:33 pm

We've had so many illness within our org recently.
Kids getting sick , parents being injured on motorbikes, many people getting malaria from the
rainy season. One child with HIV is very sick right now and needs to be hospitalized but
we've always tried to use $100 of a child's school fee for that certain student. Funds can't be prioritized for other more urgent things If a family loses a house (and typical rent for our families per month is $10-$50) and we could help them for a month or 2 to get settled. Some families have emergency food needs
So if anyone would like to donate to this fund this would be great. The needs are so vast and can't be covered through monthly sponsorship (which is tuition and meals only)

If someone doesn't want to help a child monthly why not give an occasional gift of $10 or $20
Typical hospital costs range from $20-$100 this is far from what a poor Ugandan family can afford. With our help this can save a life.


Very Needy Village help for $15 a month!

9:53 am This area is called Kiwolera

a small village in Kamuli , Uganda where we serve 6 or 7 families and nearly 30 kids live there.
Only about 5 have a sponsor at this time.
Most homes have a dirt floor and many kids were sleeping on straw mats or tiny pieces of old foam as you see below. That's their tiny bed. LETS GET A FEW MORE SPONSORED SINCE
School begins this week and there is a drought and high food prices. $15 a month helps 1 student stay in school. These families are all simple farmers raising greens or sweet potatoes.
The harvests are small because of the intense daily heat and nearly 6 weeks with no rain .

Help a precious starving baby boy.

Aug 8, 17   6:48pm
Baby Abu is the 2nd child we've found in such bad condition. The only other starving child we found was baby Fatuma and she couldn't swallow well due to CP. Abu can walk but is weak and sucks his thumb constantly it see ms. He's lucky to be sponsored but his family situation goes beyond normal monthly sponsorship (mom is alone selling only sugar cane) and there is a sister who seems to be about 3.  Abu around 18 months to 2. They are lucky they had a mattress and net at home to share . The area of kamuli where they stay is Buwenge Mpia (the ghetto ) of kamuli. Where a few of our kids stay since rent is cheaper than in the town. its 10 mins or so walk from the tiny downtown. So we are wondering if any members would want to make a donation of any size to help with food, clothing or soap/ hygiene items and meds if needed. This will keep the family afloat for awhile until the mom can settle and figure out what else to do to earn a living. They only moved to t…