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CHARITY WORK. It's not all glamorous.

The Betrayal of those who claim to "HELP" children.

10:43am     8-31-14

It all began in 2008 with 20 kids
in a home who needed school fees.
After 1 year of getting photos and even letters
from them we found out the orphanage owner wasn't feeding them
much except meal of "maize" a day and they were
not attending a school regularly.
The kids suffered so much and quickly moved on to live back at home
with their families. The orphanage staff had only "recruited" these kids and while
they were needy, most  were not orphans. Some had moms back at home who were just too
poor to raise them. When they were promised a better life for the kids they

let them go so they could have an education and meals etc which isn't what they got.
Even when we mailed them clothes, shoes, toys most were taken and sold
by the orphanage owner to make money for himself when he left the kids
and just abandoned them all at home.

After they went back to their own families they found
a school and were "recruited" one again by the school leader.
The situation was nearly the same as the orphanage where they were
fed little , hardly any beans were given with maize and if they got gifts by mail
not all items were given to them to take home. Their own parents had to go and tell
school staff to give their child the items which were theirs from a penpal or sponsor.

WE had to buy 40 + plastic buckets so each child could
have 1 . The school didn't even make sure all kids in the dorms had enough supplies.
Even things like $2 buckets and $1 soap weren't there for kids to have.
They shared many things including beds and many slept on the floor which is against gov rules.
So we could quickly see after our 1st visit that the more kids we sponsored the more
the school brought in. They earned money from having so many sponsored. Over 100
were helped by us when only 200 attended there during my 1st visit .

So once again after finding out how the school treated the kids
we ended our sponsorship with them last year. Our kids moved on to schools
that we have no formal partnership with, we don't provide extra
money to the new schools to fund any of their "projects" as we tried
to do in the past. This way we're free to leave at any time if we see
they're not treating our kids right. We've done our best and the kind hearted are the ones
who will be 1st to be taken advantage of. Some parents of our sponsored students have asked
us to give them rent money, cows, land, houses none of which will we
be doing. Kids have requested bikes, toys, mp3 players and even ipads.

I have seen their needs and fancy electronics aren't even in the slightest of what
they truly need. Uganda needs healing. After 28 years of having the same corrupt president
and civil wars in the North and multiple other issues
the kids and even parents could benefit from some proper counselling.
I see so many kids being neglected. It's like they don't exist .
Parents let them wander around the village even as toddlers without supervision.

Fathers are usually non-existent. If they are still alive their times is often spent
drinking, gambling, taking drugs or finding new wives.

 What example is this for the next generation. We recently found out both this school
leader and former orphanage owner were partnering with each other behind the scenes
all the time we were helping the students. Their now together again running more scams getting
other Americans to give to the "needy". The orphanage owner has been arrested multiple times
for child abuse, neglect, abandonment etc.

Leading to the next story of older youth reaching adulthood
but following in the exact footsteps of the older generation.

We've had several "volunteers" in our org, meaning usually in their late teens who
said they would come translate for us or help out with something without
expecting anything in return.
The 1st female volunteer went to take pics of all the kids we helped at the school. Things were ok
for awhile until she decided to email donors and ask for gifts on her behalf. Purses , pc's,
watches, etc. She was let go after lying to us on multiple occasions and telling us to just leave and she'd help the kids on her own. With no money to do so not sure how'd that work out for her.....

The 2nd was a music teacher who gave us a story of a hard
life. Having lost both parents, and being turned out of the home for changing his
religion. Neither story was genuine. But it touched the heart of my sister who agreed
to pay his school fees as he was nearing the final year of high school.
Note: We did NOT hire him. The school hired him to teach music classes to kids. Whether or not
they paid him much still remains a mystery to this day.

The 3rd volunteer
A female referred to us by someone else who knew the girl wished
to help charities. She came agreeing not to ask for anything for herself
though we certainly paid her on multiple
occasions. As well as we had given her clothing and other useful gifts during her 1
year of service to us. In the spring of the year during my yearly trip to see how things
were progressing in UG the "volunteer" decided to throw a huge fit and email many of our donors
with her simple complaints of not being given transportation money 1 night.
Then also of not having her supper paid for 1 night.  Lying to sponsors to benefit herself was so
despicable and she was told to write apology letters to each person she contacted. This
was never done. She showed no remorse and to this day keeps trying to stir up more lies.

The 4th volunteer
Came around the time as the 3rd volunteer begging to help needy kids like himself.
Saying he wants to open his own school 1 day as he was a street kid.
Then coming alongside the 3rd volunteer they both decided
to email/call donors together and ask for money on their own behalf though we
had paid them all that was agreed upon for transport daily. Buying many of their meals
when they went to help translate . We didn't owe them meals every day of my trip if they
helped only 2 days out of 14 though they wanted all their food to be provided even while
they sat at home doing nothing to help us those days. He even stole a cell phone from one of
our main staff members and has yet to return it though he was asked to do so multiple times.

So we've been put through the ringer many times but our students are still there and are
still working hard to be educated. The few kids who decided not to study hard
or be honest with us about school were dismissed the year and we'll only
be supporting kids who truly want an education and put forth the
 effort to study hard and get good grades.
We don't help them simply so they can get cool new stuff.
We are so grateful for all the donors who stood with in all these years of dealing
with so much corruption in Uganda. Your efforts are noticed especially by the kids
who wouldn't be where they are today if not for your support!


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