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A look into their daily lives! Children in Uganda

May 13, 2013 7:53pm
Below are true stories of some of the kids who attend school in Jinja and they have found sponsors in
our charity.
One child was sent to live at school and her little brother was sent to live with a neighbor since their mom
can't afford to pay rent. The mom used to come and dig in the school garden to make some money and she would even eat at school since she couldn't afford food either. 

Two kids had a fire at their home last week .
They have said there was some damage to the home and it will need to be repaired but no one was hurt,
They did lose almost all of their possessions in the fire which wasn't much to begin with.
Many of these families barely have anything.

One boy was abused by his uncle and made to work everyday and missed a lot of school.
 He had no parents to care for him. 

One girl was given away by her father who got tired of raising her and was then abused by her aunt who cut her arm. 
Several have been told to leave their homes because their relatives are not wanting to feed, clothes and care
for them anymore. 
Many have no father, they either flee to another village or even another country to try and find a better
life and they never returned to care for their children. The kids often get malaria and typhoid. Both are deadly diseases if not treated quickly but many can't afford a few dollars for medical care.

So you can see what these deal with daily. Not knowing if they get to eat that day.  Imagine if you lived like they do. 
That's why its So Important for a child to have a sponsor. Won't you help one today?

These kids still need a sponsor! 



 Emmanuel. T.


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The Most Needy , Help change a life.

6:53pm 9/8/16

We have registered new kids into our program and we've

 been able to 
take food to this large group when I visit twice a year,
but its clear THEY NEED SO MUCH MORE! 
 You can clearly see the need in the video It seems to be one large family and a few neighbors (30 or so people in total) . All these people fit into just 3-4 small homes. So 20 kids will be needing a sponsor for school (those who are old enough to join school ) this typically age 3 and above. Lots of them are staying at home because their relatives can't afford to pay anything for them to attend school, they have a time affording even food and clothing .
Sharing this blog post will be of great help . Anyone is welcome to make a 1 time donation to help with food and clothes for this very desperate group of people. Their clothes are 
only rags. Any assistance given is greatly appreciated . See their happy faces below for simple gifts.


April 2, 2017 4:33 pm

We've had so many illness within our org recently.
Kids getting sick , parents being injured on motorbikes, many people getting malaria from the
rainy season. One child with HIV is very sick right now and needs to be hospitalized but
we've always tried to use $100 of a child's school fee for that certain student. Funds can't be prioritized for other more urgent things If a family loses a house (and typical rent for our families per month is $10-$50) and we could help them for a month or 2 to get settled. Some families have emergency food needs
So if anyone would like to donate to this fund this would be great. The needs are so vast and can't be covered through monthly sponsorship (which is tuition and meals only)

If someone doesn't want to help a child monthly why not give an occasional gift of $10 or $20
Typical hospital costs range from $20-$100 this is far from what a poor Ugandan family can afford. With our help this can save a life.


Very Needy Village help for $15 a month!

9:53 am This area is called Kiwolera

a small village in Kamuli , Uganda where we serve 6 or 7 families and nearly 30 kids live there.
Only about 5 have a sponsor at this time.
Most homes have a dirt floor and many kids were sleeping on straw mats or tiny pieces of old foam as you see below. That's their tiny bed. LETS GET A FEW MORE SPONSORED SINCE
School begins this week and there is a drought and high food prices. $15 a month helps 1 student stay in school. These families are all simple farmers raising greens or sweet potatoes.
The harvests are small because of the intense daily heat and nearly 6 weeks with no rain .