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Kids are worth it

Dec 3, 10:13am 
While my work as a non profit founder is unbelievably stressful at times I have to remind myself that my kids are STILL worth it.The one's who tell me over the phone "I'm not fine because I'm missing your hugs.The ones I would find every morning and night at the school making sure they got their hug. The ones who clung to me every night I almost had to pry myself away from them because they knew when I left no one else will make sure they get food that day.The little one who would look for me every night after school ended to tell me he was going home (he wanted his goodnight hug) The ones who have shown me that you can happy even if you have no family and few possessions. They rejoice after playing games like they won the lottery. They could not have possibly been happier if they had been told they'd won a million dollars or were going to "Disney World, not that they know what that is. The ones who can use a camera or cellphone within  mins of being taught how they work. The ones (all of them) who are taken to a store and usually don't ask for a single thing and they don't pick up every single item they see. I was only asked once if they could get ice cream which costs maybe 25-30 cents. The ones who love Justin Bieber's music (both boys and girls). The ones who finally open up and talk about their life, some never mention their struggles because no one has ever asked if their sad, mad, sick, hungry, tired happy or anything else. They love going to restaurants and eating pizza because some have had it before. They eat the same beans and cornmeal everyday at every meal and rarely complain. They dance like their life depends on it,its the only time when they show their real personalities and are not shy. They tell me I'm their best friend,  that they are happy and thankful for what I do for them. I have NEVER known kids like these before who find happiness no matter what they've suffered and they still trust and hope and dream. Those are MY CHILDREN! 
I'm so lucky and privileged to know them..See their photos below.     
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Help a precious starving baby boy.

Aug 8, 17   6:48pm
Baby Abu is the 2nd child we've found in such bad condition. The only other starving child we found was baby Fatuma and she couldn't swallow well due to CP. Abu can walk but is weak and sucks his thumb constantly it see ms. He's lucky to be sponsored but his family situation goes beyond normal monthly sponsorship (mom is alone selling only sugar cane) and there is a sister who seems to be about 3.  Abu around 18 months to 2. They are lucky they had a mattress and net at home to share . The area of kamuli where they stay is Buwenge Mpia (the ghetto ) of kamuli. Where a few of our kids stay since rent is cheaper than in the town. its 10 mins or so walk from the tiny downtown. So we are wondering if any members would want to make a donation of any size to help with food, clothing or soap/ hygiene items and meds if needed. This will keep the family afloat for awhile until the mom can settle and figure out what else to do to earn a living. They only moved to t…


April 2, 2017 4:33 pm

We've had so many illness within our org recently.
Kids getting sick , parents being injured on motorbikes, many people getting malaria from the
rainy season. One child with HIV is very sick right now and needs to be hospitalized but
we've always tried to use $100 of a child's school fee for that certain student. Funds can't be prioritized for other more urgent things If a family loses a house (and typical rent for our families per month is $10-$50) and we could help them for a month or 2 to get settled. Some families have emergency food needs
So if anyone would like to donate to this fund this would be great. The needs are so vast and can't be covered through monthly sponsorship (which is tuition and meals only)

If someone doesn't want to help a child monthly why not give an occasional gift of $10 or $20
Typical hospital costs range from $20-$100 this is far from what a poor Ugandan family can afford. With our help this can save a life.


Challenges our kids face


Our kids are doing ok in school but in everyday life they face so many obstacles.
Especially when kids are sick or have an injury . We have raised funds for a teen to get much needed surgery. So she can be able to walk without too much pain or issues with balance.

We have another child with CP who is doing well with leg braces, a wheelchair and therapy treatments. 

We have several kids with seizure disorders who are on meds and do pretty well
but have issues off and on.

Then our kids who have HIV, they try hard in school but some are sent home often when they feel really weak. Poor diet will always be an issue there. One sweet boy was turned away from his in-laws home and refused food there also. They told him "Go away" you have diseases, and there is no food for you we didn't budget for it.  This is all very common. Extended family , in-laws and especially step mothers tend to be very brutal towards kids who are not their own.
They have trouble providing for th…