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..................Help Mary and Others like her!!!

Aug 30, 3:23pm

This is Mary with her Grandfather Ojuuk. Her story is below!

There are 19 kids who need a uniform.
Here are some of their names and ages.
If you want to give them a uniform
Boys uniforms are $12 each, girls are $10.

If you pay for a uniform for 1 of these kids listed below then
you can also be their pen pal. They are the only kids
without a pen pal. I have photos of these kids also and a group
photo several posts back.
Ronald age 13, Mary age 9
Tonny age 10, Maria age 11

Here is Mary's story if any of you would like to help her.
You could also provide her with a mosquito for $3 or a mattress
for $10 along with the uniform. She would really like a new friend.

"The kids Home Uganda, has been a major inspiration, not
only to the orphans but to many others around the region.

Every day we appreciate all we have as we are constantly touched by stories
like this one about the old Mzee Ojjuk and the grand Daughter, Mary.

Mzee Ojuuk's story I had a very good life before the war started. I did not have
to worry about adult matters.

It was not long before the militia arrived and burnt down their house and
destroyed their livestock – their only means of survival.

Ojuuk's family fled to a compound was attacked, and Ojuuk was separated from his
family, only to learn that his two sons and daughters was murdered and his wife
Killed in the panic of fleeing in the morning Ojuuk found all his children and
the wife killed and leaving the young Mary crying far in bush he took her and
they joined the camp in Soroti, they moved from camp to another town and
finally they arrived in Masese lake side suburbs in Jinja town.
Ojuuk and the granddaughter was brought to them by the village
leader. Reaching there Ojuuk says I have finally found HOME for
my granddaughter I can now die and rest in peace.
Ojuuk is 77 years old and Mary 9 years old.


  1. God bless you for your work in Africa! That was a very moving story.



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April 2, 2017 4:33 pm

We've had so many illness within our org recently.
Kids getting sick , parents being injured on motorbikes, many people getting malaria from the
rainy season. One child with HIV is very sick right now and needs to be hospitalized but
we've always tried to use $100 of a child's school fee for that certain student. Funds can't be prioritized for other more urgent things If a family loses a house (and typical rent for our families per month is $10-$50) and we could help them for a month or 2 to get settled. Some families have emergency food needs
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